Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Review

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The Jackery Explorer 2000 is made in the USA by one of the heavy hitters in the solar power station industry. Jackery was founded in 2012 in the sunshine State of California. Seems fitting that they developed in a state where sunshine is bountiful. In 2018 they developed the world’s first portable solar panels and have since gone on to sell 300 million plus products worldwide.

In 2016, they launched their first portable power station, and combined with their portable solar panels, they made it possible for anyone to convert green energy into household usable power, without the need for a full rooftop solar panel installation. Naturally, the world fell in love with their invention, and soon portable solar powered generators became en vogue for camping, off-grid living and household portable power. Not only are they a lot cheaper than a complete solar panel installation, but the panels also are foldable and can be placed on the ground, and are highly sensitive to catching the sun’s rays. They use IBC technology, which generates up to 50% more energy during days of low sun coverage.

Such is the versatility of Jackery solar generators you can take these portable units with you as you travel the length and breath of the countryside in your RV, or if you are going to be staying in your remote cabin the the Arkansas mountains, you don’t need to worry about having power when you are off the grid, and even if you have power, portable solar generators can be a life saver during a power outage, or after a storm knocks out the grid.

Jackery 2000 Plus SpecsValue
Power Capacity2042.8 watt-hours (4400 Surge), *expandable up to 24 kWh
Battery TypeUpgraded LiFEPO4 battery
Battery Cycles4000 lifecycles to 70% capacity
Weight61.5 pounds
Dimensions18.6 x 14.7x 14.1 inches
AC Outlets(4) 120V 2000W/4800W Peak
USB-C Ports(2) 100W
USB-A Ports(2) 18W
Carport(1) 12V, 10A
DC Port(1) 11-17.5V
Recharge Time (AC Power)2 hours
Recharge Time (Solar Charging)2.5 hours with 6 x Jackery 200w SolarSaga panels
Recharge Time (Car Adapter)25 hours
Operating Noise Levelswhisper quiet 30DB (switch on in Jackery app)
* The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus can be expanded to 12kWh with 5 additional add-on battery packs, enough to power a large home daily.

What Can the E2000 Do?

This 2000Wh generator will power all your standard electronics with ease, as you would expect it to. But it does have the capacity to tackle larger appliances. You probably would have to use its pass through charging capacity if you wanted to run some of these devices a lot longer, but if you were just to run them without charging the unit via your solar panels at the same time, here are the appliance run times you’d expect to get:

  • 60W LED TV – 29 hours
  • 400W Blender – 4.3 hours
  • 500W Fridge – 3.5 hours
  • 550W Coffee Maker – 2.8 hours
  • 800W Electric Oven – 2.1 hours
  • 850W kettle – 1.9 hours
  • 1300W Microwave – 1.3 hours
  • 1080W Pressure Cooker – 1.7 hours
  • 1150W Small Air Conditioner – 1.9 hours
  • 1500W Sump Pump – 1.1 hours
  • 2200W Weeder Machine – 2.3 hours
  • 5800W Welding Machine – 0.6 hours

One good thing about the add-on battery packs is that they are about half the size of the 2000 Pro unit itself, so you can stack them together and they won’t take up all of your living or garage space.

jackery explorer 2000 Plus expansion pack

You could store these in your truck or RV and you could easily double the storage capacity of your unit. Each expansion battery gives you an extra 2042.8Wh of power. They do weigh 41.9 pounds, so bear that in mind if you are transferring multiple batteries in your car. Shouldn’t be much of a problem for modern automobiles, but maybe it’s a pain to cart to and from the car.

Enlarging the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus

That extra 2000 watt-hours really packs a punch. Especially if you have 6 x SolarSaga panels. Yes it is starting to get expensive at this point, once you pay for your unit, 1 x expansion battery, and 6 solar panels, you won’t have much change left from $15k. But if you are a regular energy user, it will pay for itself in the long run.

So why am i talking about expandability? Well, that is the strength of the 2000 Plus; it has a fairly capable 2042Wh capacity on it’s own, but the reason to choose this as opposed to the 20 pound lighter Jackery E2000 Pro, is that you can increase the capacity massively. It can then act as a complete home grid replacement. You would probably still use your home grid, but this system could reduce your reliance on the grid dramatically, and further your advancement towards home energy independence.

Here is what a complete 12kWh expansion solar generator kit would give you.

60W LED TV60347
400W Blender40052
500W Fridge50041.6
550W Coffee Maker55038
800W Electric Oven80026
850W Kettle85022.8
1300W Microwave105016
1080W Pressure Cooker108020.4
1150W Small Air Conditioner115018
1500W Sump Pump150014
2200W Weeder Machine220027.6
5800W Welding Machine58007.2

So this would be a fantastic complete home generator. Plus, it does have a good double act capacity, as it also provides you plenty of power and options if you want to take it outside to your backyard or on the road with you.

One of the best features is the quiet mode, which drops the operating noise levels down to 36 dB. Which is the same as a dishwasher. As a matter of interest, a dishwasher can go over 46 dB when it’s running, so you can gauge just how quiet the E2000 Plus will run. One other useful feature is that if you are running this power station on boiling hot summer days, it can safely run over 45°C. If there are any overheating issues, the machine won’t explode as it is lined with safety features, heat sensors, and in-built software that scans the unit continuously and adjusts its cooling and battery parameters.

Conclusion – Do You Need The E2000 Plus?

This is a great unit from the renowned Jackery, but bear in mind you have plenty of options once you are in the 2000Wh range if you aren’t looking to expand on your kit down the line, or integrate into your home grid. You could even opt for the almost $1k cheaper Geneverse HomePower ONE kit that comes with 2 solar panels. It doesn’t have as much wattage capacity or expandability, but if you don’t need it, why pay for it.

But if you are possibly thinking about expanding your kit down the line, if you think you would need more power or want to tackle your home grid’s energy use, this is a great option. If you don’t have the money for it right now you can add more battery capacity in the future.

In the meantime, you can avail of it’s 4 x AC outlets and 4 x USBs, so there are plenty of charging outlets. Plus with its super fast 2 hour AC or solar charging capabilities, you will be able to draw plenty of renewable, energy from your E2000 Plus on a daily basis.

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