Achieving Energy Independence With Off-Grid Solar Generator Kits

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Imagine the independence of generating your own power with solar generator kits, which can free you from the constraints of traditional energy systems. The world can open up and be your Oyster – whether you live in an off-grid cabin, travel in an RV, or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Off-grid solar generator kits are becoming increasingly popular as more people are looking for alternative ways to power their homes. These kits are designed to provide electricity to homes that are not connected to the grid or for those who want to reduce their reliance on the grid. They are also a great option for those who live in remote areas where connecting to the grid is not always possible.

A full solar kit can be an invaluable asset if you live in a regular storm state. Instead of running a gas generator or just sitting in the dark waiting for the power to be connected, a solar powered generator can be an invaluable asset.

How Much power Does Your House Use Daily

Regular Use ItemsApplianceDaily used timeTotal wh consumed
Kitchen  1500W Microwave Oven25 minutes375Wh
400W Coffee Machine1 hour 3200Wh
400W Refrigerator8 hours90Wh
Miscellaneous30W Fan 3 hours400Wh
80W Electric blanket (winter)4 hours320Wh
5 x 30W Lights4 hours600Wh
700W Vacuum30 minutes350Wh
Personal Use18W Phone4 hours72Wh
65W Laptop1 hours65Wh
200W Bottle sterilizer30 minutes100Wh
30-60W CPAP8 hours240-480Wh
1200W Hair dryer15 minutes300Wh
Total Wh Used Daily6352Wh

So you need something that is capable of provide 6352Wh for this set up. But obviously this list is missing some key details, like multiple numbers for smartphones, laptops, TVs and things like freezers and heaters. Then there are high powered appliances like air conditioners that hog electricity. You can see how much exactly it takes to run an air conditioning unit on this post.

Most people use portable solar generators to supply a homes needs, using it more like a backup energy supply. Some portable power stations can integrate with your homes electrical circuits, you can also feed energy back into the grid and receive a small amount of money or credit for doing so.

The Goal Zero 6000X can output 6000Wh a day. Which would make it ideal for running a houses daily electricity needs. It does however take quite a long time to charge, and it doesn’t have the longest battery life cycle, so if you where to use it for daily use you would be looking at the battery starting to be severely diminished in a couple of years.

A home can use between 20-28kWh per day. To achieve this your kit needs multiple batteries and solar panels. A solar generator kit like this can cost between $15-20K. But when you factor in a comparable roof solar panel installation combined with a battery bank can cost up to $50 you can certainly see the benefit of a portable solar generator kit. Plus one of the major benefits of a solar generator kit is that it can travel with you so it is not just tied to your house.

Solar generator kit benefits:

  • Its portable so it can travel with you
  • If you buy enough panels and expandable batteries it can power an entire house
  • Not tied to your home
  • Doesn’t need solar panels to be installed in your roof
  • Doesn’t require complex electrical installation, unless you are wiring it to your homes circuits
  • Cheaper than a power wall system like Tesla

So here’s a few kits worthy of the challenge of running an entire house.

ECO-WORTHY 18.7KWH Solar Generator kit

One of the best off-grid solar kits available on the market is the ECO-WORTHY 18.7KWH solar kit. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including solar panels, an inverter, batteries, and all the necessary wiring. The kit is designed to provide up to 18.7kWh of electricity per day, which is enough to power a medium-sized home.

Please note that this is a roof panel installation, it does not have portable solar panels.

SpecificationECO-WORTHY 18.7KWH Solar Kit
Maximum Power (Pmax):10,240Wh,  5000W 48V DC-110V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
195W Mono Solar Panels 24 pieces
Solar Charge Time4 hours bright sunshine
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp):42.6V
Maximum Power Current (Imp):96A
Daily Output:18.7KWH (in optimum conditions)
Operating Temperature:-40°F to 185°F
Size:Varies (due to modular design)
Weight:Varies (due to modular design)
Warranty:1-year material and workmanship warranty
Suitable For:Off-grid living, small to medium-sized houses
Installation:Professional installation recommended
Weather Resistance:Yes – Waterproof IP65 rating, snow loads up to 5400Pa, windproof 2400Pa

The ECO-WORTHY 18.7KWH kit includes 24 pieces of 195W solar panels, a 4.8KW inverter, and 4 x Metal Shell lithium batteries, which are good for more than 3000 times life cycles. The solar panels are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The inverter is also of high quality and is capable of converting the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used to power appliances and devices in your home.

For instance you can run a small air conditioner for 7-10 hours a day and a fridge for 5-7 days with the Eco-Worthy kit.

Goal Zero Yeti 6000X + Home Integration Kit

The Yeti 6000X is Goal Zeros flagship product. It has a phenomenal 6071Wh, combined in one unit. An incredible achievement for a single portable power station. It weighs 106 pounds so although it is portable to some degree, and even has a cart with wheels, it’s not the lightest piece of gear in the world, and for good reason, that whopping high capacity battery.

SpecsYeti 6000X Pro
Battery Capacity6071Wh
Lifecycles500 Cycles to 80% capacity (approx.)
Output Power2000W Continuous, 3500W Surge max
Charging600W max Input
Weight106 lbs
Dimensions15.25 x 10.23 x 17.01 in
Outputs 2 X 120V AC, 12V, 60W USB-C, USB-A

What’s good about the Yeti 6000X Kit?

  1. Incredible Power Output: The Yeti 6000X has a 6000Wh capacity, making it capable of handling high-power gadgets and appliances. Also, it has a high surge capacity of 3500W, which enables it to handle initial power surges from appliances like refrigerators and power tools without any issues.
  2. Long Appliance Run times – You can run a full sized 71W Refrigerator for 85 hours or a 65W CPAP machine for 93 hours.
  3. Adaptable: This power station is versatile in that it offers a number of output ports, including AC, USB, and 12V, to support a variety of appliances and gadgets.
  4. Heavy Duty Construction: Apart from its compact 106 pounds of bulk the Yeti 6000X is made of stern stuff.
  5. Energy Data: Unlike fuel generators you can check how much energy connected appliances are using. You can check how much battery is left and manage your energy accordingly.
  6. Solar Ready: If you are ok with transporting 106 pounds, its a good companion for off-grid use as the watt-hour capacity can keep you going for weeks especially if you have solar panels with you.
  7. Can Use Indoors: Different to fuel based generators, the Yeti 6000X Pro doesn’t give off any fumes so you won’t be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or at risk from flammable liquid. Solar generators also operate much more quietly then gas generators. Gas generators can’t be used indoors.
  8. Can be tied to your home grid – Save money off your home energy bill by running the 6000X through your home curcuits. You even have the option of selling electricity back to the grid.

What’s not so good about the Yeti 6000X

  1. Heavy: It certainly is a heavyweight tipping the scales at a massive 106 pounds, so even though it has wheels it is not exactly built for hauling across campsites or open ground
  2. Hot: if you are using a car adapter to charget it the battery can get very hot
  3. Cost: Be prepared to budget high for the privilege of a 6071Wh generator.
  4. Time To Recharge: Recharge times are loooong… Solar can take anywhere from 12-18 hours if you are using 4x200W Boulder Briefcase panels. Car charging is virtually impossible, well impossible if you want a full charge as it takes a full day- who can run a car for this long waiting for it to recharge? AC also takes 12 hours.
  5. Limited Lifespan: All batteries start to wane after a while, but unfortunately the Yeti 6000X has a lifespan of only 500 cycles until it starts to diminish to 80%. That is not long enough for a premium priced product.
  6. Limited Connectivity: It has only 2 x AC outputs. Obviously its a bit of a pain trying to run a load of appliances with most portable power stations as you usually have to run heavy duty extension cables. But the Yeti 6000X can store so much power, that it is feasible with this unit. Especially in emergency situations. Loads of power stations from Jackery and Geneverse have 4 x AC Outlets so this is a bit of a let down from Goal Zero.

Jackery 3000 Pro

The Jackery 3000 Pro is another household contender. It has a very low operating noise of 30db which isn’t even as loud as a conversation. Perfect for unobtrusive house backup power. The power station is a good bit lighter than the Yeti 6000X weighing in some 40 pounds lighter. It also has a unique advantage in cold weather. It can still run if temperatures drop as low as -20°C /-4°F. Which means you can take it outside in freezing conditions if you need emergency power.

SpecsJackery 3000 Pro
Battery Capacity3024Wh
Lifecycles2500 to 70% capacity
Output Power3000W Continuous Power, 6000 PEAK
ChargingAC power: 2.4 hours, Solar: 2.8 hours with 6 x 200w SolarSaga panels or 9.5hrs with 2 x 200w SolarSagas (6-7.5 hours with 6 x 100w SolarSaga panels), Car charging: 35 hours
Weight63.93 lbs
Dimensions18.6x 14.7 x 14.1 inches
Outputs (4) AC outlets (120V 3000W/6000W Peak), (2) Quick Charge USB-A ports, (2) USB-C port, (1) 12V carport, (2) DC 8mm ports

The 3000 Pro comes equipped for home backup integration. It has a 30 amp outlet so its geared up for home integration.

Here are typical run times for device and home appliances.

DeviceJackery 3000 Pro Run Time/Charges
520W Refrigerator 5 hours
60W TV 35 hours
960W Microwave 2.5 hours
850W Electric Grill 2.8 hours
1080W Coffee Machine 1.2 hours
1800W Heater 1.3 hours
5W Light220 hours
29W Mobile Phone101 charges

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