Jackery E1500 Pro Upgraded for Ultimate Performance

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The Jackery E1500 Pro takes what the E1500 has got, and takes it up a notch. Power stats are pretty much the same, but the recharge methods improve by up to 300%. This means you can effectively have a quick charge during the day and keep a load of your device and appliances running non stop.

So it’s a great resource to take with you when you are travelling and need a reliable portable tower of power.

Power Capacity1512 watt-hours (3600W Peak surge)
Weight37.48 pounds (17.2 kg)
Dimensions15.12 x 10.59 x 12.11 inches
AC Outlets(3) AC outlets (110V 1800W/3600W Peak)
USB Ports(2) Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A ports
(2) USB-C port
DC Ports(1) 12V carport
(1) 24V DC port
Charging Time (Approximate)AC Adapter: 2 hours
Car Adapter: 15.5 hours
Solar Charging: 2 hours with 6 SolarSaga 200W panels (3h with 2 x100w panels)

Jackery has came a long way since it burst onto the solar power scene in 2012. Hailing from the Sunshine State of California, they quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the solar generator market.

So what situations can you use the Jackery E1500 Pro generator in for good effect?

E1500 In Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or embarking on an RV trip, the Jackery 1500 PRO is a must-have companion. With its impressive power capacity of 1534 watt-hours, it can keep your essential devices charged, power small appliances like portable fridges, and even support small power tools for extended periods.

The Pro Aids Emergency Preparedness

During power outages or unforeseen emergencies, the Jackery 1500 PRO ensures you stay connected and powered up. It provides a reliable backup power source for crucial devices such as phones, radios, and medical equipment, offering peace of mind in critical situations.

Use the E1500 Pro Remote Work Setups

Digital nomads and remote workers can create an efficient and fully powered workstation anywhere with the Jackery 1500 PRO. Keep laptops, monitors, and other devices charged, ensuring productivity even in off-grid locations.

Jackery Explorer 1500 Pro Device and Appliance Run Times

The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro can power a wide range of devices and appliances. The table below shows the estimated run times for some common devices that can be powered by the Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro.

Device/AppliancePower Consumption (Watts)Estimated Run Time (Hours)
Electric Blanket10015
Mini Fridge12012.5
Electric Grill1,5001

The Pro is an upgraded version of the E1500. There are some subtle design differences and the pro can be charged quicker. The Pro is 2 pounds heavier but that’s nothing to write home about.

E1500 vs E1500 Comparison

FeatureJackery Explorer 1500Jackery Explorer 1500 Pro
Battery Lifespan800 charge cycles1000 charge cycles
AC Inputmust use supplied charger120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
AC Outlets33
DC Carports11
USB-A Ports22
Solar ChargingIntegrated MPPT controllerIntegrated MPPT controller
Full Solar Charge Time5.5 hours2 hours (with six 200W solar panels)
Full Wall Charge Time6 hours2 hours
Full Carport Charge Time15.5 hours16 hours
LCD DisplayYesYes
Weight35.2 lbs37.9 lbs

The Explorer 1500 Pro has an upgraded battery that increases the lifespan by 25%. The 1500 model is good for approximately 800 recharging cycles before it starts to gradually deplete. The 1500 Pro stretches this to 1000 life cycles so you will get more use out of the system. there is also a 1 year extension on the warranty, you get 3 years as opposed to 2 with the non-pro E1500.

One of the dealbreakers for me is the recharging time drops considerably on the Pro from 6 hours from a wall charge to a really useful 2 hours. That’s also the same with solar – if you can afford the 6 x 200w SolarSaga panels. If not you can charge it in 3 hours with a more manageable two x100w panels.

Why Should you Choose The Jackery E1500 Pro As Your First Power Station?

If you have yet to dip your toe in the portable power station market you won’t be disappointed with the clean-living E1500 Pro. For a start even if you where to invest in just one 200W SolarSaga Panel you can totally recharge the unit in 10 hours. As it supports a combined output of 1800w, and has 3 AC sockets, you’ll be able to charge or run some mid-powered appliances like TVs and mini fridges, electric grills and all your electronics, and if you get a blast of sun you can recharge your unit during the day.

A full E1500 Pro should last a couple of days in most camping or home scenarios. With home AC charging you will perpetually be able to keep it recharged so if you have an outdoor work or garden event you can bring the power with you for all your drills, coffee machines, blenders, microwaves, or you can run 3 x TVs through the power station if you are putting on a visual exhibition.

With just 1 solar panel you have you own solar powered generator kit. Having access to free regenerating energy is one of the best reasons to own a power station. It’s a wise investment as grid failures, storms, or going off-grid gets a lot easier if you have stored energy that’s ready to be deployed on demand.

There are also impressive safety features with this unit. Apart from the fact it doesn’t emit toxic fumes or is not filled with flammable fuel like traditional generators, this power box is super strong and is stamped with the UL 94V-0 rating which approves it for its fireproof and shock resistant standards.

The Pro line by Jackery features a SMART dual-chip BMS (battery management system) which runs through millions of safety checks a second. This regulates 12 types of protection which includes everything from over current and over charging protection. It protects the power station itself and any device or appliance you have connected to it.

It will not only protect everything you plug into it, but it will also protect and prolong the life cycles of the battery itself, which will make your money stretch further in the long run.

E1500 Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does it take to charge the Jackery 1500 PRO using solar panels?
    • When using six SolarSaga 200W panels, the Jackery 1500 PRO can be fully charged in approximately 2 hours under optimal sunlight conditions.
  2. Can the Jackery 1500 PRO power larger appliances like refrigerators?
    • Yes, with its 1800W continuous output, the Jackery 1500 PRO can power small to medium-sized refrigerators.
  3. Can I charge the Jackery 1500 PRO while simultaneously using it to power devices?
    • Yes, the Jackery 1500 PRO supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge the power station while powering your devices.
  4. Can I connect other solar panels to the Jackery 1500 PRO?
    • Yes, the Jackery 1500 PRO is compatible with other solar panels, providing flexibility for charging options.
  5. Can the Jackery 1500 PRO be used indoors?
    • Yes, the Jackery 1500 PRO can be used indoors as a reliable backup power source during outages or for powering various devices.
  6. Is the Jackery 1500 PRO waterproof?
    • No, the Jackery 1500 PRO is not waterproof and should be kept away from water and moisture to prevent damage.
  7. Can I take the Jackery 1500 PRO on flights?
    • No, due to its capacity, the Jackery 1500 PRO is not suitable for air travel.
  8. How can I charge the Jackery 1500 PRO from a car?
    • You can charge the Jackery 1500 PRO using a car adapter plugged into the 12V carport.
  9. Does the Jackery 1500 PRO come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Jackery offers a 3-year warranty for the Jackery 1500 PRO Portable Power Station.
  10. Can the Jackery 1500 PRO power high-energy-consuming appliances like air conditioners?

Concluding Thoughts

The Jackery 1500 PRO Portable Power Station is a powerful box for all your portable power needs. With its high performance, extensive device compatibility, and reliable fast charging options, you can take it anywhere you go, where green clean energy is needed, even outdoors. The Jackery 1500 PRO empowers you to stay connected and powered up, no matter where your journey takes you.

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